The Boot: Who Is Abi? 5 Things You Need To Know

Abi brings a feminine swagger to her music and isn't afraid to mix traditional country themes with contemporary styles. She's upfront about her sound's pop vibes and the confidence that exudes from her music and her personality.

From her cover of Nancy Sinatra's 1966 hit "These Boots Are Made for Walking" to her effervescent new single "A Day Without," Abi covers the full pendulum swing of pop-to-country (or country-to-pop). She's certainly not lacking the experiences that are called for in creating relatable music, either, whether that's her coast-to-coast upbringing or the tragedy that helped define her as a person.


Tragedy Has Shaped Her Art

Abi's father died when she was a teenager, and the experience changed her and her outlook on life and music: “I think that gave me a redefined perspective on life," she admits on her website, "and it definitely enabled me to channel much deeper emotions than before into my craft.”


She Wrote a Song With Walker Hayes

Abi collaborated with Hayes in 2015, on her song "Truck Candy." Hayes, like Abi, is a fearless non-traditionalist in the country music world; they've both been working the music scene for several years.


She's Sexy and She Knows It

Abi knows that her confidence is the sexiest thing she's got going: “I’m an honest, relatable and an empowering young woman. I am confident and sexy -- not in a scandalous or revealing way -- but because I take pride in my intelligence, creativity, power and appearance," she says on her official website.


She's Been on the Road With Some Big Names

From Kelly Clarkson to the Eli Young Band, Abi has been on the road with some seasoned veterans in the country genre. In addition to gaining stage experience and watching the masters do what they do, he exposure has netted her a devoted fan following, too.


She's Following in Shania and Keith's Footsteps

Abi says both Shania Twain and Keith Urban were driving forces behind her love for music, especially country. Like the up-and-coming singer, both artists were trendsetters with the pop infusions they gave their music. Abi is cut from the same cloth, and credits her cross-nation moves for those influences on her music: “I think that growing up in Texas, moving to LA, then to Nashville has dramatically helped me embrace all cultures, musics, etc.," she says on her website, "as well as be inspired by them."