JUST JARED JR: Singer Abi Spills 10 Fun Facts About Herself!

Abi is getting ready release new music and JJJ wants you to know more about her!

The up-and-coming songstress, who has toured with Kelly Clarkson, shared 10 Fun Facts to help get to know her a little better!

Abi spilled about tons of things including on her first song ever, her family and her guilty pleasure!

Check out what Abi had to say…

1. I love fashion & have ever since my first viewing of Devil Wears Prada.
2. I am a total travel junkie. I’ve always found the most memorable experiences and even lessons have always been spent exploring new places.
3. I will forevermore be obsessed with French culture, macarons and playing young Cosette at my hometown theatre being the culprits.
4. I am a huge foodie, I’ll try anything!

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5. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled a lot from a young age, thanks to my parents being travel agent when I was growing up.
6. My first concert was Hannah Montana!
7. I have two half-siblings, but we are 18 years apart, me being the youngest.
8. My guilty pleasure is ice cream.
9. I have a French bulldog named Romeo.
10. I wrote my first song at age 12, “Upside Down” and later recorded it in French in addition to the English version.